About us

Eluxtech, based in Shenzhen China, is one of the fastest growing e-cig brands, founded by three talents who have passionate and years of experiences in vaping industry. Elux means“for your ecigs, for your luxury". We will devote ourselves to bring customers the most efficient&easy, relax &luxury vaping experience, and create more reliable products to our customers.

Elux bar series are the first released disposable products, offering the customers a better choice for its fantastic flavor, good quality, and reasonable price. Every new product we introduce brings excitement to the vape industry. Together we plan to achieve our mission by sticking our values, which is not only provide the finest quality products but also deliver an outstanding customer care service.

We have a strong technical team and production capabilities so that we can also be capable in manufacturing of OEM&ODM products. Eluxtech welcomes partners for collaboration in the development of better products.

Choose Elux, choose a new luxury life style!